All Digital Week 2024- Fostering the Green and Digital transition of Social Economy Organisations

The ALL DIGITAL Weeks campaign has as objective to raise awareness about digital skills for inclusion, empowerment, and employment. In 2024, it will be held from May 13th to 31st, and will specifically focus on digital democracy, civil participation, and social responsibility, ahead of the June European Elections.  

The motto of this year’s campaign is “Enhance your digital skills”, which calls all European citizens to learn new skills to face digital transformation. All additional information can be found here.  

On May 16th, 10-11.30 CET, baSE project, SETS project, DIGITS project, Young Ambassadors, and Open Food Network will cooperate in a webinar focused on advancing social economy and promoting the digital transition by fostering digital inclusion and green reskilling. 

The projects that will be presented are the following:  

The baSE project, part of the Blueprint Alliance for Social Economy and Proximity Skills. baSE addresses competence gaps in green initiatives, digital literacy, inclusion practices, and day-to-day challenges, driving sustainable growth and social impact. 

Next, the SETS (Social Economy Transition Skills) project, pioneering the design of training modules tailored for Social Economy Organizations (SEOs). Explore how SETS equips SEOs with the skills and knowledge needed to foster a transformative digital shift with replicable trainings in the social economy ecosystem. 

Then, DIGITS: Soft DIGITal Skills building for Third Country National (TCN) women. Uncover the transformative power of DIGITS in empowering TCN women through soft digital skills training, fostering economic independence and social integration. 

Going on, the GovTech startupCity&Me is a dynamic initiative empowering citizens to become catalysts for positive change in their communities. Hear firsthand accounts of how these people are driving impactful initiatives and shaping the future of urban innovation. 

Lastly, the Open Food Network, a trailblazer in digital social innovation and Tech for Good entrepreneurship. Learn how this platform is revolutionizing food systems, empowering producers and consumers alike to connect, collaborate, and create positive social and environmental change.

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