SAVE THE DATE: EU Focus Group – March 2023

EU Focus Group on Advanced Skills & training in the Social Economy

The focus group about “Advanced Skills & training in the Social Economy” will take place on 20/03/2023.

The Focus Group will provide an opportunity to find out about the aims and objectives of the baSE Alliance for Sectoral Cooperation while, as part of the research activity we are running, will give us the possibility to gather information about the skills gap between the skills demanded by social economy organizations and the skills supplied by existing trainings.

The participants views will be used to help us to provide the identification of skills needs for building relevant trainings and curricula an dimplementing new vocational education content and pedagogical methodologies across the sector.

The Focus Group is oriented at the whole social economy ecosystem. But, to allow deep understanding, we have decided to devote part of it to looking at two area of SE with more detail, namely the care sector in SE as well as the energy sector in SE.

More information about the Focus Group will be published soon.

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