Magazine – 1st edition / Launch of Interactive Map 

The inaugural release of ‘Social Economy Insider’, an extension of the baSE project, debuted in October 2023 following the SCM in Dolo, Italy. This pioneering magazine, collaboratively created by a diverse range of experts and key partners, is committed to uncovering the most recent trends in the European social economy.

The ‘Social Economy Insider’ serves as an insightful gateway to grasp the nuances of skill development, impact investing, sustainable entrepreneurship, conscious consumerism, and innovative models prioritizing both people and the planet. Providing a diverse content, it includes articles, insightful interviews, compelling case studies, and podcasts that illustrate the vast potential within the social economy sector.

The objective is to evolve into an autonomous platform, open to all social economy actors for submitting articles, podcasts, news, and interviews. A space where stakeholders can share, engage, and provide a platform for their voices to resonate. The content will encompass existing and ongoing projects, alongside featuring original and innovative articles. This inaugural edition delves into the theme of SKILLS and subsequent issues will be released semi-annually.

If you have any ideas, insights, articles or interesting materials related to social economy, please send us an email at

Also following our SCM we launched an interactive map, where it is possible to explore an enormous quantity of vocational education and training providers (VET) for Social Economy across Europe. Our interactive map is designed to facilitate cross-border cooperation in education and skill development within the Social Economy sector, and any SEO can contribute by adding training offers from their own country to the platform.

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